Notification of a traffic offence committed in Spain

Notification of a traffic offence committed in Spain

The Directorate-General for Traffic – DGT, the national public body responsible for the monitoring and control of traffic and road safety – brings to your attention the existence of a speeding offence committed in Spain on DD/MM/YYYY, with the vehicle with registration number LLNNLLL. The details regarding the traffic offence are described on the back of this document.

You are registered in the Vehicle Register of United Kingdom, as the holder of the above mentioned vehicle. If you were not the driver of the vehicle on the above mentioned date, you must indicate in writing the identity of the person driving on that date, as required by Art. 11 of the Law on Road Traffic, Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, Royal Legislative Decree 6/2015 of 30 October (LTSV, in Spanish).

The amount of the financial penalty due for this offence is X00.00€. However, if payment is made within 20 days from the receipt of this letter, you will be entitled to a 50% reduction (the amount due is XX0.00€), which would mean the termination of the procedure. After expiry of this period if you have not paid the financial penalty or have not appealed against it, you will have to pay the total amount -100%- of the financial penalty. The various methods of payment are detailed in page 3 of this document.

This notification shall be dealt with under the Spanish national law and shall, for all legal purposes, be considered as the initiation of an infringement procedure concerning road traffic, pursuant to the Law on Road Traffic, Motor Vehicles and Road Safety (LTSV, in Spanish).

Relevant details concerning the offence

a) Data concerning the vehicle with which the offence was committed:

  • Registration No: LLNNLLL
  • Country of registration: United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland
  • Make and model: vehicle make and model

b) Data concerning the offence:

  • Incident reported: Travel at 97 km/h being the speed limit 80 km/h.
  • Date and time: 21/12/2017 – 10:30h
  • Location: ROAD and KILOMETER.
  • Legal provisions: Article 52.1 of the General Road Traffic Regulations (Royal Decree 1428/2003 of 21 November).

c) Data concerning the device that was used for detecting the offence:

  • Identification: Cinemometer ID.

Identification of the driver

If you were not the driver of the vehicle on the date the offence was committed and pursuant to Article 11 of the LTSV, you are obliged to submit the reply form, signed by you, containing the following information:

  • Record number.
  • Name and surname of the driver.
  • Date of birth of the driver.
  • Number of the driving licence, date of issue and country of the driver.
  • Address of the driver.

You can send this form within 20 days from the receipt of this notification by any of the following

  • Fax: 0034 902512151
  • Post. Please write to: CTDA – Apartado Correos 505. León – 24080 – SPAIN.

Applicable legislation

The incident reported constitutes a SERIOUS offence as provided for in Article 76.a) of the LTSV. If payment is made applying the 50% reduction, this implies making use of the shortened procedure provided for in Article 94 of the LTSV waiving any right to appeal against the fine and terminates the infringement procedure on the day of payment. If you wish to appeal against the fine and/or to produce evidence in your defence, you will have 20 days to do so and this will waive any right to the 50% reduction in the amount of the fine. You can make an appeal to the CTDA by post or by fax, both the address and fax number are provided above. If you do not pay the financial penalty, do not appeal against it or do not identify any other driver, this notification shall entail, by itself and without the need to issue a final decision, the termination of the infringement procedure and the financial penalty will become final within 30 days (Article 95.4 of the LTSV). From that moment on, you will have 20 days to pay the fine, without any reductions. The sanctioning body under the procedure is the Sanctions Unit of the CTDA, with the Director of the CTDA being the competent authority for issuing a final decision, by delegation of the Head of the Provincial Traffic Department in the province where the offence was committed, in accordance with Article 84.2 of the LTSV. This case expires one year after its initiation if no final decision has been issued, unless there are legal grounds for bringing it to a halt (Article 112 of the LTSV).

LTSV: Recast text of the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicles Traffic and Road Safety. Legislative Royal Decree 6/2015, of 30 October.

CTDA: Spanish National Centre for Automatic Fine Processing.


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