Parking in Spain: signs, tips and fines

Parking fines in Spain can be twofold: €80 for minor offences and €200 for serious offences. In both cases, the driver will be able to pay 50% of the amount if payment is made within 20 days.

Parking offences are more common on urban roads. These fines are handled by the local police of the municipality where the offence was committed, so payment is made by the means provided by the local administration. The fine notice will always indicate the website or bank account where payment should be made.

To avoid parking fines in Spain, it is important to know the traffic rules and signs governing parking. This is the most important information you should bear in mind before parking in any Spanish town or on any Spanish road.

Parking regulations

Parking regulations are the responsibility of each municipality, but are very similar throughout Spain.

  • Parking spaces marked with white lines are free.
  • Those marked by blue and green lines are regulated parking spaces: you have to pay for them and they usually have a time limit. They are usually indicated by a regulated parking sign.
  • Orange or red lines are used for long-term parking, where payment is required.
  • Yellow lines mark areas where parking is prohibited.

Traffic signs

  • Sign R307: Stop and parking prohibited. Prohibiting stopping and parking on the side of the road on which the sign is located. The prohibition begins at the sign and ends at the nearest intersection.
  • Sign R308: No parking. Parking is prohibited on the side of the road on which the sign is located. The prohibition starts from the vertical of the sign and ends at the nearest intersection. No stopping prohibited (stopping the vehicle for less than two minutes without the driver getting out of the vehicle).
  • Sign R308E: No parking in front of a ford. Fords are generally located in garages and at garage entrances.
  • Sign S17: Parking space for vehicles. Can designate both surface and underground parking lots, which are usually paid.
  • Regulated parking sign: usually located above pay machines in regulated parking areas.

Minor fines for parking offences in Spain (€80)

Some offences can be minor or serious, depending on the danger they pose to other road users. The most common parking offences are:

  • Parking your vehicle in regulated parking zones without making the appropriate payment or without exceeding the permitted time.
  • Parking in a marked loading and unloading zone.
  • Parking in front of a properly marked ford.

Most common serious parking fines in Spain (200 euros)

  • Double parking.
  • Parking in an area marked as a pedestrian crossing.
  • Parking on pavements, promenades and other pedestrian areas.
  • Parking in an area marked for the exclusive use of disabled people.
  • Parking in a bicycle lane.
  • Parking at a public transport station or in a lane reserved exclusively for urban public transport.
  • Parking in front of a properly marked ford.
  • Parking in a loading and unloading zone.
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