How to cancel a parking fine in Barcelona

The officers who control the blue and green regulated parking zones leave warning notices on the windscreen of the vehicle when an offence is committed. Non-resident drivers in Barcelona who have parked in a regulated zone and have been fined for exceeding the time limit can cancel the fine if the time exceeded does not exceed half the time for which they have paid.

These fines can be cancelled by obtaining a special voucher at the parking meter. The price of this special voucher is 9 euros in all cases. After paying the amount indicated, it is very important to keep the cancellation voucher, as it is the only way to prove that the fine has been cancelled.

These are the steps to cancel a fine in Barcelona for exceeding the regulated parking time shown on your ticket at a parking meter:

  1. Activate the parking meter screen by pressing the “Start” button.
  2. Select the “Cancel complaint” option (at the top of the screen), as shown in the image at the end of this article.
  3. Enter the number of the report notice located at the bottom right of the yellow notice that you picked up in your car (there are eight numbers).
  4. Choose the method of payment (coins or card). Cash payment can only be made for the exact amount.
  5. Request proof of payment by clicking “Print receipt” and keep it with the fine notice.

Fines for not having a parking ticket or for exceeding the ticket time by more than 50% cannot be cancelled at the parking meter.

Cancel parking ticket in Barcelona parking meters
Cancel parking ticket in Barcelona parking meters
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