How to appeal a fine in Spain?

To appeal a fine in Spain, a written statement must be made containing the following information:

  • Personal information
  • File number
  • Claims

The letter must be addressed to the sanctioning body, normally by post or fax. Only residents in Spain can send allegations by telematic means, it is not possible to send written observations by e-mail.

The most common reasons for submitting allegations to a fine in Spain are:

  • My vehicle has never been in Spain: it is advisable to attach photos of the vehicle and information on previous fines if they have existed.
  • I had sold my vehicle before the date of the complaint: the contract of sale and the full details of the buyer (name, surname, date of birth and address) should be attached.
  • I have received the fine twice, but it has already been paid: proof of payment and a letter explaining what happened must be sent. Errors in the identification of payments can be caused by an incorrect transcription of the file number. If the proof of payment contains a wrong file number or does not provide this information, it is useful to clarify it in the handwriting.

Can I request a photo of a speeding ticket?

Yes, it is possible to order the photograph without losing the right to the reduced payment.

How can I identify the driver?

In order to identify the driver of the vehicle, you need to send a letter with the file number, the holder’s personal data and a short explanatory text containing all the driver’s data (full name, date of birth, identity card number, photocopy of driving licence and address).

All the above documents can be written in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English, even if the notification was received in Spanish.

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