How to drive around a roundabout in Spain

Roundabouts are very common in Spain, so it is important to know the regulations. Roundabouts have the dual purpose of reducing speed at intersections and avoiding the need for traffic lights. The traffic rules for roundabouts in Spain are very clear:

  1. Vehicles travelling on the roundabout have preference over those wishing to join it.
  2. The roundabout must always be left from the outside lane.
  3. Lane changes must be signalled with the appropriate flashing light.

It is important to remember that, on interurban roads, the outside lane of the roundabout should be used whenever possible; the inside lanes should only be used for overtaking, returning to the outside lane to leave the roundabout. In town, the rule is more flexible, and the inside lanes can be used when it is more convenient, always taking into account the signs. When traffic does not allow access to the outside lane to leave the roundabout, it is best to go around the roundabout again.

Large vehicles, such as buses and lorries, should respect the priority of vehicles on the roundabout before merging, but once inside the roundabout they may need two or even three lanes to get around the roundabout. Be aware of this if you are driving on a roundabout where one of these vehicles is present. Roundabouts can lead to rear-end collisions, so it is very important to use extreme caution when entering and driving through a roundabout.

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