Fines in Belgium

This article lists the most common traffic fines in Belgium, their amount and how to pay them. It is important to note that penalties for traffic offences in Belgium are more severe for drivers with less than two years on their driving licence. Belgium is situated in the heart of Europe, between France, the Netherlands and Germany, so thousands of drivers from other countries drive on its roads every year.

Speeding fines in Belgium

Speed limits in Belgium are similar to those in other European countries:

  • Motorways: the limit for passenger cars is 120 km/h.
  • Interurban roads: 90 km/h in the Walloon Region (in the south of the country). 70 km/h in the Flemish Region and in Brussels.
  • Urban areas: there are two limits, 30 km/h and 50 km/h. The limit is reduced to 20 km/h in some residential areas.

When pollution is very high, the speed limit on Belgian motorways is reduced to 90 km/h on some stretches. These temporary limits are indicated by a sign with the word SMOG on it.

Fines for speeding in Belgium range from 53 to 4,000 euros depending on the severity of the offence.

  • From 1 to 10 km/h over the speed limit: the fine will be 53 euros.
  • From 10 to 30 km/h over the speed limit on interurban roads: the above fine is increased by €6 for each additional km/h.
  • From 10 to 30 km/h excess in urban areas: the fine of 53 euros is increased by 11 euros for each additional km/h.
  • More than 30 km/h: fine of between 80 and 4,000 euros, imposed by the judge, and which can lead to the temporary or permanent withdrawal of the driving licence.

For example: if a speed camera catches your vehicle driving at 57 km/h in an area limited to 30 km/h, the fine will be 53 euros for the first 10 km/h excess and 11 euros for each additional 17 km/h excess: 53 + 187 = 240 euros fine.

Belgian speed cameras have a margin of tolerance of approximately 6 km/h, which will be subtracted from the speed detected by the speed camera before the fine is imposed.

Parking fines in Belgium

Parking offences generally occur in the inner city of Belgian cities. These parking fines are managed by the local councils. These are the websites for paying parking fines in the main Belgian cities.

  • Brussels: Payment of fines in regulated parking zones is made by bank transfer. The deadline for paying a parking fine in Brussels is five days. The account number for payment is different in each municipal district, here are all of them:
  • Bruges: Payment is made by bank transfer indicating the OGM number. The details of the bank account are
    • Holder: “Parkeerwinkel Brugge”. Frank Van Ackerpromenade 2 – 8000 Bruges
    • IBAN: BE96 0910 2241 4305
    • BIC: GKCCBEBB (Belfius Bank)
      The OGM reference number has the format 800/xxxx/xxxxx.
  • Antwerp: The payment form for fines in Antwerp requires two pieces of information: the offence number and the registration number. The website is
  • Ghent: the website clearly explains where to find the information needed to pay a fine in Ghent online:

Other traffic fines in Belgium

Traffic fines in Belgium are classified into four categories according to the seriousness of the offence. The first notification allows payment of a smaller amount (immediate payment). If the initial amount is not paid, a second notification is sent, proposing an out-of-court settlement to close the proceedings, the amount of which is higher. In case of non-payment the Belgian authorities will issue a summons. The following table shows the amount of traffic fines in Belgium.

GradeImmediate paymentAmountPolice court
Grade 158€85€From 80€ to 2000€
Grade 2116€160€From 160€ to 2000€
Grade 3174€235€From 240€ to 4000€
Grade 4473€Up to 4000€
  • First degree offences: not wearing a seat belt, not using indicators, driving at night without lights, using the bus lane or driving on the hard shoulder.
  • Second degree offences: running an amber traffic light, using a mobile phone while driving, overtaking on the right, driving in another lane when the lane on the right is free, parking dangerously or in a space reserved for the disabled.
  • Third degree offences: running a red traffic light, overtaking near a pedestrian crossing or endangering a pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Fourth degree offences: overtaking on the left at a bend or curve, encouraging excessive speed or driving in the wrong direction on dual carriageways.

How to pay a fine in Belgium

There are two methods of payment: online by card on the FPS Justice website or by bank transfer. In both cases it is necessary to indicate the penalty number, which consists of 16 digits (12 for the PV number and 4 for the year); in the case of online payment, the identification code (six more digits) must also be provided. Both numbers are easily found on the penalty notice.

On the website there is a FAQ section on traffic fines in Belgium, which answers questions such as how to pay or how to submit an objection if you are not satisfied with the fine. However, the Belgian authorities also have a citizens’ helpline to answer any questions. The telephone number is +3222785560 and its opening hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

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