How to pay a parking ticket in Spain

If you wonder how to pay a parking ticket in Spain, this humble step-by-step guide might help you.

  1. Identify the traffic authority responsible for the ticket: it can be either a Local Police station (95% of the cases) or authorities such as the Civil Guard or other highway patrols. In most cases you can find the word ‘Ayuntamiento‘ or variants such as ‘ajuntament‘, ‘concello‘ or ‘udaletxea‘. In Madrid, for example, the only clue you will find in the ticket is the word ‘Madrid’.
  2. Payments must be done through the competent authority. Parking fines issued in Barcelona cannot be paid to the traffic authorities in Valencia. It can be tricky, specially when the ticket doesn’t mention the website or other payment methods.

Parking tickets issued in touristic cities can usually be paid on the Internet. We list some of them below, so that you can follow the link. Do please leave a comment if any of the links below is outdated or not working.

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