How much does petrol cost in Spain?

In recent months energy prices have risen in all European countries, so current petrol and diesel prices in Europe are higher than normal. Petrol prices in Spain are similar to those in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany or France. The EU publishes weekly reference prices for petrol and diesel in all member countries. You can find all the information on this website.

What day of the week is the cheapest day to fill up in Spain?

It is most common for petrol prices in Spain to be cheaper on Mondays. This price reduction is only a few cents, and although it is a very common pattern, we cannot guarantee that it will occur at any particular time. If you are travelling in Spain by car or motorhome you can save a few euros by filling up on a Monday.

Where to fill up cheaply in Spain

It is difficult to say which petrol station is the cheapest in Spain. The petrol station chains with the most outlets in Spain are Repsol, Cepsa, Galp and BP; these are the petrol stations with the most expensive prices because the petrol incorporates additives that improve the performance and maintenance of the engine. There are also low-cost petrol station chains in Spain, such as Ballenoil (their establishments are self-service) and Carrefour, the supermarket chain.

Petrol station chains such as Valcarce, which is very common on Spanish motorways, specialise in serving road professionals and have very interesting discounts for transport companies.

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