Vignette for Swiss motorways

The Swiss vignette is an authorisation to drive on motorways and semi-highways valid for one year in Switzerland. It costs CHF 40 for cars, motorbikes and other vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. It can be purchased online before travelling to Switzerland. The Swiss vignette 2024 is valid until 31 January 2025. It is not possible to purchase it for weeks or months. Driving without a vignette entails a fine of CHF 200 and a sticker fee (CHF 40).

There are two types of vignette: an adhesive sticker that is placed in a visible place on the windscreen and an electronic vignette (e-vignette) that is linked to the registration number and does not require a physical sticker. If you rent a vehicle in Switzerland, you do not need to purchase a vignette, as it is included in the rental price.

Where to buy the Swiss vignette

The vignette allows you to drive on Swiss motorways for one year, with no limit on the number of kilometres travelled. It replaces the toll booth or gantry tolls in force in other countries. The price of the vignette in 2024 is 40 Swiss francs, which is equivalent to about 35 GBP or 45 USD.

The e-vignette can be purchased online at

The physical sticker can be purchased at petrol stations, post offices and Swiss customs offices. There are also some sales outlets in shops near the Swiss border. In some European countries, local motoring clubs facilitate the purchase of the vignette for their members.

Residents of Switzerland can buy the sticker online via the website. The sticker is only sent to addresses in Switzerland.

Toll sticker for driving on Swiss motorways

Swiss sticker for heavy goods vehicles

Motorhomes, buses and trucks over 3.5 tonnes require a special vignette. The authorisation for this type of vehicle can be purchased for periods of less than one year: one day, one week, up to ten single days, one month or the whole year. The price of the vignette varies according to the type of vehicle and the period of validity of the authorisation. For example, a motorhome with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3,500 kg will pay CHF 25 for one week, which is the minimum period for this type of vehicle. Heavy goods vehicles registered outside Switzerland can purchase their own vignette via the website.

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