Crossing from Spain to Morocco by car

The ferry is the most comfortable way to cross from Spain to Morocco by car. Ferry routes between Spain and Morocco reopened last April. The Spanish ports with routes to Morocco are: Barcelona, Algeciras, Tarifa, Almeria and Motril. You will find all the routes available and their duration below.

Both Moroccans living in different parts of Europe and European tourists head to the ports of southern Spain every year to visit Morocco. There are several high-capacity motorways crossing Spain from north to south, from the A-66 in the west, parallel to Portugal, to the busier A-7, known as the Mediterranean motorway.

If you wish to cross into Morocco with a rental car, check with the car rental company beforehand, as in most cases it is forbidden to take vehicles on board a ferry for security reasons.

Where to take a boat from Spain to Morocco?

Routes from Barcelona to Morocco by ferry

  • Tangier: the journey time is 28 to 36 hours.
  • Nador: the journey takes approximately 26 hours.

Routes from Algeciras to Morocco by ferry

  • Tangier: the journey takes just over an hour, making it the most popular route.

Routes from Tarifa to Morocco by ferry

  • Tangier: the crossing takes between 40 minutes and two hours.

Routes from Almeria to Morocco by ferry

  • Nador: the journey time is six and a half hours.

Routes from Motril to Morocco by ferry

  • A new route will be inaugurated this year, linking Motril with Al Hoceima. The journey takes approximately five hours.

The different routes are operated by the companies Trasmediterránea, Balearia, FRS Ferry, Naviera Armas or AML.

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