How to check for speeding fines in Spain

If you are a registered Spanish resident and you happen to live in an area where postal service leaves a lot to be desired you have probably wondered how to check for speeding fines in Spain. Well, we have good news for you – it’s really simple. Let’s got through it step by step,

  1. Use the official website, and only the official website. You will find several alternatives, but they always use the official website records AND try to sell you something you are likely not to need.
  2. The official website is
  3. Type your NIE / NIF / CIF number OR your Spanish car plate number in the first box (the one labelled “Texto libre (nif, nombre, …)“. Searching by the name will usually offer too many results, so try the ID or the car registration before.
  4. If a result comes up, open the PDF document. Your notification is likely to be one among many.
  5. Find your ID / plate / name… There will be a column named “Expediente” (record number) and another column named “Órgano responsable” (body responsible). Write down the number and name in both.
  6. Contact the appropriate body and give them the record number to get more information. If the fine has been issued by DGT, you better make an appointment at the nearest DGT headquarters as soon as possible. You can also call 060, though it is only an information service.

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      1. I had a hire car from Avis in August this year. They telephoned me in September to say I had a fine, they asked for my address. I go to the post box every day and nothing has arrived. avis have no copy letter. I have put my car plate in online as you state in text libre. I don’t know if I put in anything else, only Traffico from the drop down list but it comes up with nothing found. Any idea what I can do please? 10 October now.

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