How long does it take to receive a fine from Spain?

Fines in Spain are mainly for speeding or illegally parking. Speeding fines are generally issued by the Ministry of the Interior; parking fines are issued by the local police in the city where the offence takes place.

In the case of speeding fines, the time taken to receive them in the UK or Ireland is 3 to 4 weeks. If you live in the United States, Canada or Australia the time may be longer in some cases, but it is not usual for it to take more than eight weeks.

Parking fines, usually issued by local councils, have longer time limits. Fines can take between one and three months to arrive in the UK or Ireland. For citizens of the United States, Canada or other countries outside Europe, this may be even longer.

Spanish traffic legislation provides for a period of 20 days to pay fines with a 50% reduction. This period is counted from the moment the driver becomes aware of the fine.

Information on how to pay speeding fines in Spain.

Information on how to pay parking fines in Spain.

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