What happens if you don’t pay a parking fine in Spain?

The amount of parking fines in Spain generally ranges from 40 to 200 euros. The amount can be increased if the vehicle is towed away. The deadline to pay the fine with reduction is 20 days from the date of notification to the driver.

Parking fines with rental cars

If the fine is notified to the driver at the time and he is not a legal resident in Spain, he is obliged to pay the fine immediately. A 50% reduction in payment is available.

If the fine cannot be handed over to the driver at the time, it will be sent to the company that owns the vehicle. Car rental contracts contain a number of clauses to prevent fines from not being paid. Most commonly, there is a fixed handling fee for each fine received by the vehicle of around €50. This charge is independent of the fine and is collected directly by the rental company. Fines must be paid to the relevant authority. If the fine is not paid the rental company may charge the full amount of the fine plus any applicable charges.

Parking fines for vehicles with foreign number plates

In the case of vehicles with foreign number plates, when a parking fine is imposed and the driver is informed by the officers, he is obliged to pay the fine on the spot. The procedure is the same as for rental vehicles.

When it is not possible to notify the fine on the spot, a copy of the notification will be left on the windscreen or elsewhere in the vehicle with the necessary details for payment. Vehicles with outstanding parking or other fines may be immobilised and towed away at any time until the debt and all surcharges are paid.

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