What happens if you do not pay the fees for a rental car?

The most common thing to do when travelling abroad is to rent a car in advance. It is important to read the contract carefully, as it should specify the charges that may apply in certain cases.

The most common charges for renting a car in Spain are as follows:

  • Fuel costs: if the vehicle is returned with less than the stipulated amount of fuel, the refuelling amount will be charged as well as a handling fee.
  • Charges for collecting the vehicle or returning it to another location: these are usually the highest charges.
  • Fine handling fee: if the rented vehicle receives a fine, a fine handling fee is charged. There can be as many charges as there are fines. The fee charged by car rental companies in Spain is approximately 50 euros.

Each rental company sets the fees for its own services. In case of non-payment, the company may charge the amount of the fees to the card used to rent the car. A refusal to charge the card may lead to an increase in the amount due, also because the card-issuing bank usually charges the amount in the case of repeated charges.

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