Compulsory equipment when driving in Spain

The driver must make sure that the car has

  • a certified reflective safety vest, with a CE marking affixed to it, inside the vehicle, in a place where it can be easily picked up before exiting the car,
  • and two reflective car warning triangles inside the vehicle.

The vest and/or the triangle must be used in the event of the driver or vehicle coming to a halt on the road or its sides following an emergency stop.

If the road is bi-directional, you must place a triangle in front of and another one behind the vehicle. If the road is one-way, place a triangle behind the vehicle. The triangle must be placed at least 50 meters away from the vehicle or the obstacle to be reported. The triangle must be visible at a distance of 100 metres.

The hazard warning lights must also be switched on. If the accident occurs on the motorway or highway, in conditions of poor visibility or between sunrise and sunset, the position lights and, where appropriate, the clearance lights shall also be switched on.

It is mandatory that the vehicle has a spare wheel or equipment to repair a puncture.

At certain times of the year, it is mandatory to use chains or winter wheels on certain roads, especially in mountain areas.

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