Speed limits in Spain by vehicle type

Speed limits in Spain by vehicle type. Both vehicle and road types determine the speed limits, so that those for vans and trucks on motorways, and roads with a generic limit of 100 km/h and 90 km/h are different from those for other vehicles (buses and trailers also have their own specific limitations). Motorhomes have the same speed limit as cars and motorcycles, at least when writing these lines. This table published by DGT summarizes it in an image:

The speed limit for vans and trucks on motorways is 90 km/h, which is very important to remember not only for transport professionals, but also for those who decide to rent a van in a given moment.

On roads with a hard shoulder of more than 1.5 metres or two lanes in each direction (good part of the national roads, for example, and the main regional roads), which have a generic limitation of 100 km/h, lorries and vans must travel at a maximum of 80 km/h.

On roads with a shoulder less than 1.5 metres (some national, quite a few regional, some provincial, etc.) with a generic limit of 90 km/h, the maximum speed allowed is reduced to 70 km/h for vans and trucks.

The speed cameras installed on Spanish roads apply the speed limit corresponding to each type of vehicle. This means that vans and trucks cannot exceed 90 km/h on motorways.

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