Are you going to drive in Barcelona? Watch out for Agent 541

12 Barcelona municipal police officers imposed fines worth more than one million euros each in 2022. The champion of this particular competition was officer 541, who imposed 69,840 fines amounting to 7.5 million euros. The data was made public by the Municipal Institute of Finance of Barcelona, and according to press reports Agent 541 was named Barcelona’s employee of the year 2022.

In recent years, vehicle traffic has been restricted in Barcelona, following the trend in all major European cities. In addition, the speed limit on most urban roads has been lowered to 30 km/h. The regulatory changes and the high percentage of foreign drivers make Barcelona an ideal place of work for agent 541 and his colleagues.

If you are planning to visit Barcelona and want to get home without getting a fine, pay attention to the following:

Parking: Parking fines are very common in Barcelona. Take a few minutes to understand how parking is organised in Spain and what the blue and green zones mean in Barcelona.

Speed: Speed limits are different in each street and sometimes in different lanes of the same street.

Bicycles and motorbikes: Barcelona is a city where bicycles and motorbikes have priority. It is important to know and respect the Spanish traffic signs.

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