How to pay a Spanish speeding fine

Paying a Spanish speeding fine can be tricky, specially if you are back at the UK / the US / Ireland / Canada / Australia / home. If that is the case you can pay online, using a debit or a credit card, or by bank transfer. Bank transfer fees can be expensive, but you could be exempt if you have a Spanish bank account.

1.- By credit or debit card (Visa – Mastercard – Maestro) on the website, the following details are required to make the payment:

  • ID number issued by your home country, Passport number or Residence permit number.
  • Name and Surname(s).
  • Date of the traffic offence: DD/MM/YY
  • Record number: 012345678910
  • Total amount of the fine (without the 50% discount): 100€ OR 300€ OR 400€ OR 500€ OR 600€

Important note: the DGT website requires that the date and the record number use the specific format shown above; the date is in the Spanish format (Day/Month/Year), and the record number requires 12 digits; dashes, dots and other punctuation marks are NOT allowed. For shorter record numbers use as many zeroes as required BEFORE the number you have received (see how to pay a Spanish speeding ticket online in the image below).

How to pay a Spanish speeding fine - caption

How to pay a Spanish speeding fine

2.- By bank transfer to the DGT bank account at CAIXABANK:

  • IBAN: ES11 2100 5731 710200203821
  • CIF: Q2816003D
  • Account name: Jefatura Central de Tráfico – Sanciones extranjero.

It is crucial to enter the file reference number (RECORD NUMBER) correctly on the reason for the transfer. If this number is not properly written, the fine remains enforceable and, if necessary, for the full amount. In addition, any bank commissions that the bank institution may charge shall always be borne by the person concerned.

3.- By credit or debit card at any Provincial Traffic Department located in all provinces in Spain (you can consult the addresses at:

4.- In cash at any CAIXABANK branch offices in Spain; the same details referred to in section 1 above will be provided, specially the Record Number.

5.- The following will NOT be accepted as methods of payment:

  • Personal cheque or bank cheque.
  • Money order.
  • Money sent in cash.
  • Any other means not covered in sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 above.

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  1. hi ive received a traffic fine which im trying to pay online but ut dosnt have a record number any ideas

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